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Lednice-Valtice areal and UNESCO monuments, among the most beautiful and romantic places in the Czech Republic. Since the house is LVA 10 km away. Loosestrife, where there is a unique wine cellar, which stands up to seven floors above him, you are also nearby. In Hustopeče you can see the modern church St. Wenceslaus and St. Agnes. Nearby it is also John's Castle (romantic artificial ruin 9 km away).

You can relax in the new Aqualand Moravia, where the fun will serve 12 pools, 20 water slides and a total of 33 km of water attractions. During this trips around South Moravia do not forget to visit the Thaya river or visit the oldest Czech Šobes vineyard.
Minaret v Lednickém parku

Lednice-valtice areal

Probably the most famous area of South Moravia. Lednice-Valtice is one of the most romantic places in the Czech Republic. There is a wonderful house that was recently renovated, you go through the unique castle park and of course you can visit the castle Lednice. Lednice-Valtice is rightly included on the UNESCO list. Spend a dream vacation, stay with us and see the beauty of southern Moravia. On the bike, on horseback, in a carriage, or walking.

Vinný sklep

Wine, women and song

Among atractive highlights include a visit to the wine cellar one of the local wineries. There is a possibility of ordering social events (both private and working groups) in the cozy wine cellar environment. The visit of the wine cellar can be guided tasting, tasting and drinking different kinds of wines and all including refreshments or with dulcimer music, live of course. Come to taste a bit of a "thong" with a dulcimer band.
Relaxace a Wellness


There are many wellness facilities that providers various spa treatments. Some local springs are famous. For example Lednické spa offers natural iodine-bromine mineral water. Thermal spa Musov offers an outdoor pool with thermal mineral water, which is based on the total titratable sulfur content among our strongest sulphurous water. Very favorable is also a high temperature, large coverage and virtually neutral pH.

Plavba lodí po Dyji

Cruise on the Thaya Adventure

Romance and adventure go to South Moravia hand in hand. From our own experience we can recommend a cruise boat cruise around monuments Lednice-Valtice. You will know the beauty of the river Thaya and you will experience unforgettable moments. Another tip is to ride on horseback. There are several equestrian clubs and breeding stables, where very cheaply you can explore local beauty on horseback. Designed for both beginners and advanced. You can also take a ride in a carriage.